Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fort Vancouver

    Today Sir Thomas, Cpt. and Mrs. Cartwright and I made our way to Fort Vancouver to see the historic sites and enjoy each other’s company.  It was a lovely afternoon and we were so pleased to meet a number of the staff there and see the history. It was built just shortly after our time period and housed some amazing sites. We also learned that the British were here in the 1790’s, which was quite exciting for our group.

Fort Vancouver (15)

Just before the Cartwright’s arrived.

Fort Vancouver (42)

Mrs. Cartwright and I on our way to the Fort.

Fort Vancouver (44)

Part of the Fort.

Fort Vancouver (48)

The gardens outside of the Fort. They were lovely!

Fort Vancouver (52)

Fort Vancouver (62)

The Captain had to find his bearings before proceeding.

Fort Vancouver (65)

He’s been too long at sea, we cannot take him anywhere ;)

Fort Vancouver (83)

Fort Vancouver (112)

Fort Vancouver (119)

Inspecting the jail.

Fort Vancouver (125)

Inside the Counting House (I think that’s what it was called) It was a lovely house with many artifacts.

Fort Vancouver (124)

Fort Vancouver (134)

The Cpt. inspects the latest maps.

Fort Vancouver (148)

Sir Thomas inspects the dresser.

Fort Vancouver (165)

The cannon passed the Cpt.’s inspection.

Fort Vancouver (171)

Mrs. Cartwright and I inspect the latest pelts.

Fort Vancouver (196)

Fort Vancouver (197)

The surgery. Sir Thomas was very the instruments and medicines on display.

Fort Vancouver (198)

Fort Vancouver (203)

Fort Vancouver (218)

The Cpt. and Mrs. Cartwright being silly

Fort Vancouver (249)

The ovens in the bakery were gigantic

Fort Vancouver (254)

Fort Vancouver (266)

The blacksmith was very informative and we thoroughly enjoyed his company.

Fort Vancouver (98)

The Hudson Bay Company Flag flying over the Fort.

Fort Vancouver (100)

Our visit to the Fort was delightful and we plan to come back very soon.



4 Witty Sentiments:

Kleidung um 1800 said...

Dear Lady of Portland House,
it's always a pleasure to go armchair travelling with you!
Lovely pictures and such a beautiful setting! You all look gorgeous!!!
I'm looking forward to your upcoming adventures.

Meg said...

What a lovely group you made! I had the pleasure of visiting the Fort several years ago, and it is a wonderfully interesting place.

I wonder if you can tell me how Cpt. Cartwright obtained his uniform? Was it custom made?

MrsC said...

I showed MrC this blog and asked him if he would like to dress up and have outings and he is very keen! Like Sir Thomas he is tall and slim, and he ws quite taken with Sir Thomas' attire. Now all we need are some like thinking couples. The Dreamstress and I are working on Mr Dreamy, who was born to wear such clothes, if only he could see it!

The Dreamstress said...

Mrs C has beaten me to it! Yes, I'm very envious! I want to go on history trips with my dear sir in historical attire! You are a lucky, lucky woman!

Also, I found it unaccountably hilarious that you 'inspected' so many things.