Friday, April 15, 2011

Sir Michael’s Suit

It’s almost finished! All that is left is button holes and buttons. I’m very happy with the way it turned out. It fits Sir Michael like a glove and I can’t wait to see the finished pieces on him. For now, you will have to be satisfied with pictures on my dress form. It does not do it justice, but you get the idea.


The waistcoat


The frock coat


The breeches

I hope to get a picture on their owner once everything is complete. The dress form just doesn’t show it well.

Have a lovely weekend!

2 Witty Sentiments:

Hungarican Chick said...

Wow, those are stunning, Lauren. Nice work! I can't wait to see them being modeled by the new owner.

MrsC said...

Woot! Huzzah! He is going to look the absolute Pewter Poppet of the 18thC in this delicious ensemble!