Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Day in the ‘40’s

Wow! What a wild week we have been having here at Portland House. After missing almost a week of work, I am finally almost back to normal.

Today, we joined our friends at the Willamette Lock Festival. We donned our Dieselpunk gharb and made quite the spectacle. Also, I was able to take my new ‘40’s dress on it’s maiden voyage. Almost everyone went as military personnel and I went as the civilian. It was a great day! Here are the pics….

 Lock Fest 008

Guess who!

Lock Fest 004

Xian, Brad, Angel, Tara, Ryan, Me, and Jackson (aka Aaron)


Lock Fest 010

And another…. With the Addition of Maggie and David, dressed in Steampunk

Lock Fest 012

Watching the Locks

Lock Fest 017

At the pub afterwards

Lock Fest 001

Well, that’s all for now folks! Tomorrow we are hitting the Portland Japanese Gardens in Regency and 18th Century gharb. I will have more to share soon. God Bless!

Love Lauren

6 Witty Sentiments:

FashionK said...

fun fun!!! Love the hair!

Lauren said...

Oh so cute! Vintage dresses, ftw! You two look really great

lissawi said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. You look amazing! Looks like a great time!

Sarah Jane said...

Oohh! How fun! You look beautiful and AMAZING! Wow! I never thought a person could really pull off the look of two different eras, that they just had one they "specialized" in, but you look fantastic. The 1940's suits you just as much as the 18th c. You are smashingly gorgeous. I love LOVE your dress style and the fabric! You all look great!

Wearing History said...

Wow! That look suits you so well!! I love your dress and hair!

Mme. du Jard said...

Wow!!! You look great! (I think I'll have to get this pattern, too ;)