Monday, May 03, 2010

A Birthday Celebration

We had a lovely Saturday evening with our dear friends. We started the evening with good food and libations at the Stillhouse Pub. Then we went over to our friend’s historical home for games. Here are a few pictures of the evening. I hope to have a group shot soon.

Birthday Connie & Tara 2010 005

Angel in her new ensemble

Birthday Connie & Tara 2010 011

Angel and Me

Birthday Connie & Tara 2010 016 Here we are :-D

I will post more as soon as I get the rest of the pictures. Have a wonderful week.

Love Lauren

6 Witty Sentiments:

Isis' Wardrobe said...

Beautiful pictures!

The Dreamstress said...

Love Angels dress! It suits her so much! And the two of you look perfect together!

Sisi said...

You're so beautiful, and your dresses are slpendid!

Mel said...

So beautiful. I am really falling in love with Georgian of late.

Sarah Jane said...

How exquisite! That second picture especially looks like a period painting. You two do look beautiful together.

Tara Ryan said...

doesnt Angel remind you of Marguerite ST Juste?