Saturday, September 05, 2009

The Ball

With out further adieu, my friends, here are the pictures, and yes, video of the ball. God Bless and Enjoy!

Ainsworth Ball 016

Ainsworth Ball 018 Ainsworth Ball 019

Ainsworth Ball 025

Ainsworth Ball 028

Ainsworth Ball 029 Ainsworth Ball 030 Ainsworth Ball 031  Ainsworth Ball 033

Ainsworth Ball 037

Ainsworth Ball 040

Ainsworth Ball 043 I love this photo, it reminds me of an old southern house.

Ainsworth Ball 044 Angel and Me

Ainsworth Ball 046

Ainsworth Ball 049 Ainsworth Ball 052

Ainsworth Ball 055Ainsworth Ball 060Christian and Tara 

Ainsworth Ball 064

Christian, Brad, and Angel

Ainsworth Ball 090

Tara and ChristianAinsworth Ball 096

This is Aaron’s favorite photo, very ghostly.

Ainsworth Ball 109 

Tara, in the “Pixie Cage”

16 Witty Sentiments:

Anonymous said...

Oh, wonderful, wonderful!! That was beautiful! I hope you're pleased with yourself - you should be.

And you both look fantastic in your outfits :)

Lauren said...

Thank you :-)

Amy said...


I'm blown away. Not only do you look absolutely fantastic (both of you!) but your singing was a joy to hear! There is simply nothing like period-style entertainment at a ball of any era. Gosh, I wish I could sing. Lovely!! :)

Anonymous said...


Very nice singing!!! Very very pretty!! What a talent the Lord has blessed you with!!

Truly amazing!

God Bless!


P.S And I love the way you do your hair!! You and Aaron really look the part!

Clara Florence said...

Very pretty and it's fabulous both your outfits co-ordinate. So lovely...

Lauren Reeser said...


AlohaAroha said...

I want to squeal as much as Lauren has, but I will restrain myself! I love, love, love it! You look just fantastic, and your shape is so perfect! I wish I could have been there!

Lithia Black said...

Aaaawww you look fabulous both of you!
I hope you folks had a great ball!

Madame Berg said...

Oh wonderful, wonderful!

Thank you so much for posting this.

Emily said...

The photos are so stunning! Your dress is beautiful and oh! It looks like it was so much fun! And I so enjoyed your piece you posted. Beautiful!!

Mme. du Jard said...

Wonderful pics!!
How did you get your hair like this?? (Is it your own?)
Your voice is so beautiful! What song was ist you sung? What a pitty you weren't accompanied by a period piano-forte ;)

Lithia Black said...

Oh, I forgot to ask in my last comment ...(I was to impressed by your prettiness and your singing).
What material is your lovely floaty petticoat made of and were did you get the fabric? I'm planning a 1790's ensemble after my current is done and I really want a floaty, sheer self stripe petti to go with it...


Isiswardrobe said...

Lovely pictures. You look great! I need to wait until I get home to listen to you, though. :-)

Lauren said...

First of all, thank you for your lovely comments :-)

Mme Du Jard: My hair is a hair piece I made out of real hair and I weave my own hair into it.

Lithia: I used a silk organza with a satin stripe :-) I got the fabric in Portland at Mill End.

lissawi said...

Too lovely! It looks like you had a wonderful time! We hope to be able to join you again sometime this year!

reilly said...

Wow! I absolutely love the dress and your hair, I wish I could dress like that every day. :)