Monday, August 24, 2009

Of Life and Sewing...

Life has been interesting lately and quite busy. Aaron and I started attending a new church in West Linn. So far we really like it. The church we were attending starting buying into the whole environmental movement. There were things that we just didn't feel right about. So, we decided to try out our friends' church. It seems really biblical based with no show or fluff. Hopefully it stays that way.

On the home front, we have been super busy. Aaron just finished his summer term and is starting to get ready for his board exam at the end of September. I have really been struggling with patience and waiting on God's timing. I so badly want to move on to the next phase of life. Without going into too much detail, I'm ready for the man to be done with school and be a dentist. I know God has placed me here, in this time, for His purpose, but I'll tell ya, the waiting is hard sometimes. It almost feels like we're standing on the edge of a precipice just waiting for our lives to start. It's really exciting, but at the same time it's frustrating because we're so close, but we still have a ways to go. It reminds me of when my sister-in-law was adopting her son. She kept saying "hurry up and wait." Like we're hurrying through hurdles just to wait for the next one. That's what it feels like. I tell ya, when he's finished, we're both going to need a well earned rest, whatever that may be. I vote for Hawaii, but that probably won't happen.

I have been sewing like a mad woman, working on a Regency wardrobe for a new ORS member. I haven't had much time to work on my own projects, but I hopefully will soon. I am starting to plan my next project. I definitely have a bad case of CADD ( costume ADD). I always finish a project before I start one, but while I'm working on one, I'm planning the next great thing, tee hee. I even dream about costuming. I mean, literally, I put the projects together in my dreams. I don't know if that's cool or something I should be concerned about. Slightly obsessed maybe?

Oh, I've been meaning to post this link for sometime now. Mme Berg, from Costumes, Cast, and the 18th Century, has started a Historical Costume forum. It's wonderful. So check it out if you get a chance. Historical Sewing

As for the Regency Society, we have a garden walk and tea this weekend, and a ball the next weekend. I am singing at the ball, and I am a little nervous. I plan to sing Mozart's Ach ich Fuhl's and I'm meeting with the pianist this Thursday. I haven't sang regularly since I was a student and I am always nervous to work with a new pianist. I have been practicing during my lunch breaks, in the mornings, and in the evenings. I'm ready to kill the run in the middle, I just can't seem to get it. I'm sure I will, but it makes me nervous to sing for a new person, i.e. the pianist, when I don't have something perfectly. I might be brave and post a video of the performance, we'll see. I also hope to have my jacket and petticoat finished by the ball. I might be getting too many things going at once, but I'll do my best. If not, I might have to wear my green ball gown I wore in May, shock and horror :-D

Well, I couldn't leave you with out some sort of picture. So, I will post what I've been dreaming about lately. I'll let you make of it what you will. *NOTE* No I'm not pregnant, this is just a very lovely scene and I want babies someday.

4 Witty Sentiments:

Lauren said...

I feel the same way about the man-school-wait. Mine has been in undergrad for 7 years, through partial fault of his own, and also the absolutely horrid administration and way the classes are set up. Still, it's like "WHEN are you getting out of school?" At least you and Aaron are married already!

Hungarican Chick said...

Your patience will be rewarded. You are such a sweetie, that your discomfort cannot be for much longer. I am also sure you will be more than delightful at the ball, and I have seen you sing, you'll blow everyone's socks off. I have all confidence in you. ::hugs::


AlohaAroha said...

"I even dream about costuming. I mean, literally, I put the projects together in my dreams."

Me too! And I'm always mad when I wake up and it isn't done :-P

Sarah Jane said...

Oh Lauren, please DO post a video of your performance!! I'd love to see/hear it and wish I could be there in person. I know it will be wonderful!

I'll be praying for you guys. I have never been in that exact situation but I know what its like to be so close yet so far off from something and the wait is soooo frustrating. Hang in there, dear. The Lord will bless you immensely when you are through this!

So glad you found a nice new church. It's so HARD to find a good no-nonsense, biblically based church that is not a whacked out, weird creepy church so it is wonderful you have discovered one you are happy with. Praise God!