Friday, March 13, 2009

One of those days...

Do you ever have one of those days that is just filled with frustrations. Well, today was one of them. No major issues, just annoyances, but hey, if I can't talk about it on my blog, where can I talk about it :-)
I started off the morning with a nice walk with the pups and then it spiraled down from there. I was doing my hair and makeup with a bird that just wanted to kill my makeup brushes. Now keep in mind he has his own brushes that are old for his amusement. If I let him play with my good ones, he'll destroy them in 10 seconds flat, and have a great time doing it too. Well, this morning his makeup brushes were no good, he wanted to get into my good ones. So I spent the next 20 minutes repeatedly putting Birdy Boy back in his spot, only for him to jump down and go for my brushes, while trying to get ready.
I was already running a bit behind so I decided to pack breakfast and eat that at work as well. I went to the fridge to pack my lunchand my breakfast only to realize the food I thought I had in there for lunch was non-existent. I am usually a very good planner, and always have my lunch ready to go the night before. Last night, however, I was a bit distracted, see the baby post as to my reason. Anyway, I thought "no big deal, I'll go to break at 11:30ish and cook myself something at home. I finished getting ready and set off to work. I got to work just in time for our meeting, and realize my lunch plan b, go home and cook something during my break, fell through due to scheduling and people having days off. So, I bought lunch today, not something I like doing, especially when I almost always bring my lunch. I think this is the 2nd or 3rd time since I've worked here that I didn't pack a lunch.

Then the day continued with irritations. I had two wood towers that were due to be set up today. I had planned out exactly where they were to go and moved everything earlier this week to make room for them. Well, little did I know that these racks that we, the Tigard manager and me, understood to be small were GIANORMOUS!!! Let me tell ya, my showroom is filled to the brim as it is, so squeezing 4 large wood towers in was no easy feat. It took 2 1/2 hours of moving displays to get those puppies in, and brilliant me wore a skirt, grrr. I was so happy the very nice man, who will be known as The Rack Guy, came to set it up and took extra time to help me make room for it. I was very thankful that The Rack Guy was there to help; I could not have done all that on my own.

Following the near wood rack fiasco came the calls. Those calls that just irritate me.... I won't go into too much detail, but let's just say, the whole full moon thing this week certainly effects our people. I mean, why didn't some of these calls come in a month ago when I would be able to fix the problem. Manufacturers have rules and deadlines....Anyway, enough of that.
I'm so glad it's almost Saturday!!!

Okay, now that I've thouroughly complained I will say this... I am very thankful for my job and that I have been blessed with another day. These little frustrations make the pleasant days that much more pleasant, right? Well, I hope you all have a blessed weekend. I will leave you with a picture of Miss Marble. She has been sitting on my desk keeping me company this evening. God Bless and see you soon!!!

Love Lauren

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Sarah said...

Oh Lauren, I'm so sorry you had such a trying and frustrating day! Enjoy your weekend THOROUGHLY and thank God that He gives us strength to get through the trials that each day brings us. I've had some of those sorts of days myself (usually involving my sewing machine. . grr. . .) Hope your evening is delightful and the next two days are thoroughly enjoyable!