Tuesday, February 03, 2009

City vs County

I saw this meme on Lissawi's blog. I just had to try it.

How City are You?
I've Drunk Starbucks more than once in my life: Yes
Yes, I used to drink coffee in college. I stopped drinking caffeine about 5 years ago. But, I do get a Starbucks when I travel, yum…

Sometimes I link arms when I walk with someone: Yes
Okay, yes I used to do this as a child. I do it with my husband occasionally.

I shop at AE, A & F, or H co.: No
I’ve tried, but I’m too short for their clothes. I have the hardest time finding anything that fits right. Plus they’re expensive.

I own 4 or more dress shirts/dresses: Yes
I own a lot of dress shirts, but I hate wearing dresses, unless their historical. So I own 2 or 3 dresses that fit in this century.

I will never be caught with out my cell phone: Yes
Guilty as charged! I always have my cell phone and I feel naked without it. Hubby and I text each other throughout the day.

I blow dry/straighten my hair on a daily basis: Yes
I do blow dry my hair when I wear it down. When I wear it up, I don’t bother. I do own a flat iron, but I don’t use it everyday.

I wear flip-flops no matter the weather: Yes
I will wear flip flops whenever I can.

I own an oversized pair of sunglasses: Yes
Yes and I love them.

I own one or more pairs of ripped jeans: No
I have never found a pair that I like and look good on me.

I layer my shirts: Yes
Almost always, especially when I wear a tee shirt.

I have had a "My Space/mirror pic: Yes
I do have a My Space, but I’m never on it. I’m always on Facebook or Blogger.

When I am not drinking Starbucks, I prefer water: Yes
I pretty much only drink water. I love it.

I get annoyed with tom-boys: No
I used to be a tom-boy. The girls didn’t like me. I could play war and ninjas with the best of them.

I own an oversized bag or purse: No
I haven’t found that I need one yet.

I have seen every episode of Laguna Beach: No
Don’t know what that is.

I say "lol" online: Yes
All the time *Blush*

I own straight-legged jeans: Yes
I love my pair tucked into a pair of tall boots.

I walk across the street when there are cars there or not: No
Has anyone heard of a cross walk. They’re there for a reason.

I wear necklaces: Yes
I have two that I wear on a regular basis. But that’s about it.

I own an Ipod/MP3 player: Yes
Ahhh, my iPod touch, I can’t live without it.I have the internet: YesNough said.

I have more than one screen name: Yes

I have/owned a small teacup dog: Yes
I had the coolest pomerainian growing up. She sadly died 3 years ago.

I have said "lol" accidentally in conversation: No

I love shopping: Yes
I love shopping, but I don’t have anyone to go with. If you ladies come to visit me, we’ll shop till we drop, even if we don’t buy anything.

I shop whenever I have the chance: Yes
It’s fun and relaxing for me. Especially window shopping.

I have watched "The Simple Life": No
I can’t stand Paris Hilton.

Count the Yes's and multiply by 3 to get % city:I’m 57% City. The country part should be interesting.

How Country are You?

Have you...Ridden a horse?: Yes
I love it and I can’t wait to have one.

Owned a horse?: No
But I want one.

Owned land?: No
But someday.

Been 4-wheeling?: Yes
I grew up in the desert, that’s what you do.

Said "ain't"?: Yes
Yes I have.

Been cow-tipping?: No
That’s cruel.

Been deer-hunting?: No
I couldn’t do it.

Seen a deer get cleaned?: Yes
There was this weird science teacher in Jr. High who would clean his deer on the field and give extra credit for watching.

Caught a fish?: Yes

Been swimming in a lake?: Yes
I grew up in Lake Havasu City. Again, that’s what you do there.

Worked on a ranch or land?: No
But someday.

Lived in a house in the middle-of-nowhere?: Yes
When I was little we lived in Ohio across the street from a dairy farm, on a dirt road. It was beautiful.

Been duck-hunting?: No
Couldn’t do it. Even though my dogs are officially bred to hunt ducks.

Been swimming in a river?: Yes
The Colorado River

Driven a truck?: Yes

Own or owned a Confederate battle flag?: No
Nough said

Have said, "I don't like it...I love it!"?: Yes
Probably, it’s not a regualarly used phrase.

Have a funny accent or have had people tell you that?: Yes
Yes, I used to live in Kentucky and when I’m around my relatives it starts to come back..

Owned or own a pair of cowboy boots?: Yes

Own/owned a cowboy hat?: Yes

Own/have owned a big dog?: Yes
Does 100 lbs and 80 lbs count?

Say y'all?: Yes

Been made fun of for saying y'all?: No

Swear when you're mad?: Yes
Yes, but I’m not proud of it.

Go to church on Sunday?: Yes

Ridden a horse somewhere in town?: No

Gone on a field trip to a farm/ranch?: No
Our school district was too poor for field trips.

Made deer jerky?: No
Ew, I hate jerky of any kind.

Eaten deer meat?: Yes
I love deer meat. It’s super yummy.

Shot a gun?: Yes
I love guns.

I’m 57% country. Well, at least I’m well balanced. :-D

2 Witty Sentiments:

Sarah Jane said...

This was so fun to read! I learned a lot about you that was previously unknown. I didn't know you liked guns! :) I do, too, although I don't have one of my own. Some of my favorite memories with my brothers and dad are going to the sportsmans club and target shooting with them. I don't think I could kill an animal, though, either.

lissawi said...

Too fun!!