Saturday, February 21, 2009

Birdy on the Brain

Okay, so most of you have heard the expression "baby on the brain." Well, I have birdy on the brain. It's a condition that affects parrot lovers causing them to crave more birds, not unlike mother's wanting another baby. This "condition" has caught up with me, and I have it bady. I really want another parrot; so much so that I keep having dreams about them. Anyway, I've been told I have to wait a couple of years, which is fine, and then "we'll see." That answer has come quite a long way from "no more birds ever." So, we're making progress :-) I plan on adopting a parrot, rather than buying. There is a wonderful parrot rescue group down in Eugene that I think we'll be getting our future flock member from. Now, if I can just be patient for a few years....Here's a picture of the type of bird I want to add to our flock :-) Enjoy!

Here's a link to the Exotic Bird Rescue of Oregon. They have a number of birds up for adoption right now. So if you're looking for one, check here first before buying a parrot.

God Bless and have a wonderful weekend!

Love Lauren

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Sarah Jane said...

What a beautiful bird! I've been thinking about birds lately too. Did you see the parrot Anna from the Pleasant View Schoolhouse blog adopted?

We had cockatiels for a while when I was growing up. I can't have birds here but when we get our own place I definitely want at least one! :)