Friday, October 17, 2008

My Dress Form

My lovely husband, Aaron, helped me make this wonderful dress form. We bought lots of duck tape and three large tee shirts, one extra just in case. Then we spent an hour wrapping me in duck tape, Aaron liked that part, LOL. Then I made a cover for it out of one of the tee shirts. Well, the first go around didn't quit work right. So I set the form aside and thought about how to fix it. Basically it ended up about an inch to three inches too big. So I took it in, basically overlaping the back about an inch, and restuffed it today. Voila! It's just about perfect. The only thing it needs is a base for the stand. I'm sure Aaron can figure that out. Here are some pictures of it dressed in Regency undergarments.

P.S. For those of you who wonder what I've been sewing lately, the petticoat on the dress form is it. Enjoy :-)

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Hungarican Chick said...

I made one of those, and it's a dream. The stand is a 2x2 with a cross-brace under the bottom of the form, and the 'feet' are 4 inexpensive shelf-brackets, and it's very sturdy.

I love my dress-form. I would really like to take the time and money one of these days to make a plaster-casting of myself in my regency stays, and then cut myself out and use expandable foam to fill it and cast a mold from it.

That's my next insane body-form project... then all I'd have to do is glue felt all over the thing, and it will look finished.