Monday, October 06, 2008

Enchanted Stroll

The fall is officially here in Oregon, and the rain has finally started. Yesterday was a beautiful October day complete with mist and light rain. I decided it was a perfect day to have a little adventure with Leila Lu. So we put on our walking gear and headed to Powell Butte. It was glorious! We had the park almost to ourselves, with the exception of a few who also enjoy hiking in the rain. We walked down the Hawthorne trail into a small forest, complete with mist and moss, and back up the hill to the car. It was so refreshing and the scenery was so romantic. I wish I could do it everyday. Sigh... Here are a few pictures of our amazing litte adventure. They are a bit blurry because I took them with my phone. God Bless~
The Entrance to Our Trail

A Hollowed Out Tree Complete with "Nature Dog"

A Beautiful Clearing

More of Nature Dog (Leila Lu's alias)

Powell Butte

It reminds me of Yorkshire.

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lissawi said...

Have you spent much time in Yorkshire? Every autumn reminds me of England. At least our weather is comparable! We got the mist this weekend too. It adds such a mystical quality. Looks like a lovely walk!