Sunday, March 11, 2012

What We Have Been Up To…


As you can see, Aaron and Beezus are two peas in a pod. She looooves him and he is in love with her.



Mrs. Cartwright and I on the trail with Bob and B.IMAG0464

My boy, Bob, konked out with his buddy Ramona.

Sorry the pictures aren’t the best, they were taken with cell phones. At least you get the idea :)

I’m also plugging away at my riding habit. I’m hoping to have some pics for you all in a the next week. Right now, it just looks like a bunch of red fabric and seams :P

Have a lovely week!


1 Witty Sentiments:

Unknown said...

After all they have been through, it is a joy to see how much that horse is enjoying Aaron's attentions.