Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sneak Peaks of the Red Riding Habit

I’ve been slowly plugging away at my riding habit. I have been soooo busy I have only been working on it one or two days a week. The pictures aren’t the best, but you get the idea.

I am using Janet Arnold’s Riding Habit pattern as a guide for the skirt. I really liked the shape, however, I added a bit more fullness to the back of the skirt and I may add more fullness to the front, before I’m finished.


The cartridge pleats on the skirt.


The back of the skirt with the tiny bodice attached.


I still need to hem the skirt, but I’m waiting until I finish the jacket. I want to see how it all looks together before I hem anything.

tumblr_lr6gbuyHrh1qga5wno1_1280 (1)

The Riding Habit on the far right is the overall shape I am going for. I hope to have some more to show you all soon :D

Now, I’m off to the barn to work with the equine babies!

God Bless!

Love Lauren

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Angela said...

Oh Lauren this is going along nicely! Can't wait to see it all done and on you! Will you be learning side saddle? I have been away for a bit and may have missed a post on whether you are or not. Having riden side saddle myself, its cool. Unfortunately, riding side saddle in jeans can't begin to replace the wearing of a period habit. That I want to do more than anything. But, I need to get back to riding again. Its been years! You've given me the bee in my bonnet to do it!

Kleidung um 1800 said...

What a bold colour! This habit will look beautiful. I love the shape you've chosen, can't wait to see the completed garment and I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of you in that riding habit on a horseback :)


Anne Elizabeth said...

It looks wonderful! I love red riding habits. ;-)

Rachel said...

Beautiful, can't wait!

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