Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Rescue Babies…

Aaron and I had a wonderful day at the barn yesterday. He is advancing quickly with Jazz and he definitely has the horse bug! The horses love him and he is really enjoying them as well.

Most of our day was spent working with the two new horses, Beezus and Rosie. We already have an Appy at the barn named Ramona, so of course, our new Appy had to be named Beezus :) Both girls are in pretty pitiful shape, butI think they will be great once they are rehabbed. Here are a few pics!


This is Miss Beezus. She is a 20 year old, 15.3 hand Appaloosa Mare weighing in at 1049lbs. She is a few hundred lbs under weight and lacks a lot of muscle definition. We think she is infested with worms and she hasn’t been worked in a long time. However, she does know her cues and was so respectful when we were lunging her. I love how she stayed out of my space and gave her full attention, once she settled down from the excitement.



I’m not thrilled with this pic of me, I’m wearing tons of layers and I think it makes me look huge. But anyway, I love how you can see Beezus’ pretty face and her personality in this pic. She is very sweet and wanted reassurance that everything will be ok.


Here we have Miss Rosie. She is a 20 year old Arabian mare standing at 14 hands and weighing in at 617 lbs.This little girl is several hundred lbs under weight and exhibits signs of malnutrition and worm infestation. She has a long dull coat covering a very ribby body, but she is still spunky, friendly, and cute. She is the “pack leader” of the two and Beezus looks to her for direction. She is very respectful on the ground as well and she really loves to be rewarded with love. This horse loooved to be cuddled as her reward for working hard. I think she will settle in much faster than Beezus.


Here you can see her rain rotted coat. Poor thing is getting shaved and medicated today. We think we are going to have to clip her main and tail as well. They are just clumps of matted hair.


Both horses will need their hooves done as well. The bad angle is much more apparent on Rosie than Beezus. You can really see it in this picture, in my opinion.

Everyone was teasing me yesterday saying “hey, finally a horse that’s Lauren’s size!”


This is my favorite pic of Rosie. This was when we were free lunging her. She is very spunky and cute.

I hope to keep you all updated as they’re progress improves. It’s such a blessing to be working with animals in need. I have a passion for it and I am learning so much. I really appreciate Audra, my instructor, for including me in the rehab processes. It is amazing!

Have a lovely weekend!

Love Lauren

4 Witty Sentiments:

Unknown said...

Such fantastic work, helping these gorgeous animals get back to their full splendor. They are beautiful!

Hungarican Chick said...

:( Poor babies! I'm so happy they've found such loving care.

Katie Lovely said...

What beautiful girls. Give them hugs for me...I'm so glad they've found a loving home.

Anonymous said...

I notice Rosie's weight lose especially. How sad for those poor girls. I'm happy to think that with a little TLC they will return to their glory and that the rest of their lives will be happy. It is a miracle that they have any joy and trust in them at all. I'm guessing that means they were neglected but not physically abused.