Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Got My Pemberlies!

Another huge thank you to the lovely Lauren R of American Duchess for producing the Pemberlies!!! They are so comfortable and I love the shape. I have to say, the pictures do not do them justice. You must see them in person! I have plans to paint them in the style of some original shoes from the 1790’s. I haven’t decided which ones yet, but I have a few options…







I still have more research to do before I begin this venture, particularly what kind of paint and finishing techniques with yield the best results.

Well, that’s all for today!

Love Lauren

P.S. I’m almost finished with my new stays after taking almost two weeks off from sewing. I hope to have pictures for you soon.

1 Witty Sentiments:

MrsC (Maryanne) said...

What gorgeous patterns! And not only accurate but very clever - such patterns will go with a much wider range of gowns than plain ones would. How exciting!
And nice to see you pop up in my reader again too :)