Sunday, October 16, 2011

Crazy, Crazy Day!!!

  You all probably know my little parrot, Gico. Well, yesterday, he about gave me a coronary. You see, our vet advised us to allow his wings to grow in the fall while he has his fall molt. So, we left his wings unclipped for a time. I was going to have Aaron help me clip his wings that evening, but Gico apparently had other ideas. Around four o’clock I went to check the mail and left Gico on the couch with the dogs. Within seconds of opening the door, a neighbor started up a lawnmower, which terrified my bird, and out the front door he flew. Now, when his wings are clipped he’s allowed outside with me and he always stays on my shoulder. Because we had been leaving him unclipped, I have been ultra cautious with him and have not allowed him to go outside. This, of course, was a total fluke and before I knew it, my bird was gone.

   I searched for about twenty minutes, fearing the worst, when Angel arrived, followed by her husband and Aaron. We spent the next couple of hours searching the neighborhood, calling for my bird. It was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life. I was distraught, shocked at first, and then caught by a wave after wave of uncontrollable crying.  I “knew” my baby was gone. By now it was nearing seven o’clock and the sun had started setting. I had pretty much given up hope.

  Angel and Brad were in the front yard listening for any sounds of him. Aaron and I were in the back putting Baron and the chickens to bed, when I heard Gico do his “I’m ready for bed” squawk. At first we all thought we were hearing things, but then he continued. We all raced towards his squawk and found him on our neighbor’s roof. Aaron was my hero! He leapt over their patio furniture onto the railing of their porch and shimmied partway up the roof so he could reach my bird. He told Gico to “step up” and he hopped onto Aaron’s hand. Then he flew down to the porch railing and stepped onto my finger. I am amazed we found him!!!! He had flown around the neighborhood for almost three hours and returned home to roost. We immediately took him inside and clipped his wings. It was the most horrible and wonderful experience ever.

  I am sooo thankful for my friends’ and husband’s help in bringing birdy boy home.

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My little escape artist! I still can’t believe he came back. Thank God!

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Anne Elizabeth said...

Aaron is such a hero! I am just so glad that all went well and you got Gico back.

Laura Morrigan said...

What a terrifying story! Now I am even more glad we made the decision to clip my bird's wings much as he resented it. We let him try to learn to fly but after one particularly bad headfirst full speed smash into a wall, and bent feather, we decided he would be safer not being able to fly after all.