Sunday, October 16, 2011

Connie’s 10th Annual Halloween Party

   Last night was Connie’s amazing vintage Halloween party. Every year it gets better and better and this year was no exception. Now, as you read from my previous post, my evening began with my bird flying away and then, to everyone’s surprise and joy, returning. By the time the party was nearing, I had already cancelled. Luckily, birdy boy decided to return in time for Angel and I to make it. We quickly dressed and made our way to Connie’s home.

    It was most important that we were there, because we had a little act of sorts we put on for the group. I went as  Madame Cleo, a gypsy and fortune teller. Angel was our “sprit”, Alice, and hid under our table for the “séance.” (Now, please note, this was a comedic act, it was not real. I am not into spiritualism and would never dabble in such things. So, no negative comments please.)

   We had a blast and our little “séance” and  tarot reading was a big hit.  The whole party was in stitches. I love making people laugh, and it’s always so much fun to relive my theater days with a little improve. The evening turned out to be just what I needed after the horrible, horrible afternoon with birdy boy. Here are some picks that Aaron took after the party. Enjoy!

Girls halloween party 012

The parlor… We decorated it as a Victorian Mourning room. In the top left corner is Mary, the grieving sister of our “spirit” Alice. Mary is a full-size Victorian doll that we dressed in Connie’s Civil War mourning clothes. She was very creepy.

Girls halloween party 017

Here you can see Angel peeking out from under the table!

Girls halloween party 021

Our lovely hostess, Connie, in her 1930’s vintage witch costume.

Have a lovely weekend!

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Samantha said...

Sounds like so much fun! Just the sort of party I'd love to host or attend. And I can't tell you how happy I am that your birdie came back!!