Friday, August 12, 2011

Busy Beaver…

  Yes, I have been a busy, busy, busy beaver. In the past two weeks, I have knocked out two shirts, a night shirt, and a banyan for my hubby. I’m currently working on a pair of breeches, that just need their buttons and button holes sewn, and two waistcoats. And yes, everything is entirely hand sewn. The goal is to finish the waistcoats and breeches today. Then tomorrow start cranking out a frock coat. I am down to the wire, and as a result, I will be offline for the next few weeks. I promise to have more pictures of everything when I’m finished. In the meantime, here are some pics of the finished garments. Enjoy!


First shirt with ruffles.


The buttons are from WM Booth Draper.


The second shirt. I made the cuffs larger on this one. The nightshirt is exactly the same, except it is quite a bit longer.



His banyan.



My handsome man :)


The breeches. I still need to work the buttonholes and attach the buttons. So, I will have final pics of these when I’m finished. I’m very excited about the buttons, they are being made by my dear Mrs. Cartwright.


In other news… Guess who went to the puppy ER on Saturday night? Yup, that would be miss Leila. She ripped off her toenail and now has to wear the “cone of shame” for the next three weeks. She’s handling it pretty well, although she hasn’t quite figured out how to navigate the house with the “force field” around her head. She keeps crashing into everything.

Well, all, have a lovely weekend!

Love Lauren

3 Witty Sentiments:

Aaron and Amber said...

Your man looks very dashing! Love the night wear. Wonder if I can talk my husband into some...

LOVELY work!

Poor Girl, hope Miss Force Field feels better soon!


Kleidung um 1800 said...

Thank you for sharing all the progress pictures! It's such a pleasure to look at them and I do love the banyan! The fabric is beautiful!
Hope you'll get all your projects done for Ohio, busy beaver!

The Dreamstress said...

You are so, so amazing!?! You know that right?

And I am super envious of your sewing skills and your man. Mine would never wear a nightshirt and banyan, much less let me take pictures of him in it!

Would you do some detailed posts about making breeches? I just don't feel I've got the hang of it yet.