Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tally Ho! A Fox Hunt…

The dusky night rides down the sky,
   And ushers in the morn;

Fox Hunt 269

The hounds all join in glorious cry,
   The huntsman winds his horn:

Fox Hunt 033
    And a hunting we will go.

Fox Hunt 068 The wife around her husband throws
   Her arms, and begs his stay;

Fox Hunt 051 My dear, it rains, and hails, and snows,
   You will not hunt to-day.

Fox Hunt 187     But a hunting we will go.
Fox Hunt 235 A brushing fox in yonder wood,
   Secure to find we seek;
Fox Hunt 225 For why, I carry'd sound and good
   A cartload there last week.

Fox Hunt 161 And a hunting we will go.

Fox Hunt 315 Away he goes, he flies the rout,
    Their steeds all spur and switch;

Fox Hunt 257

Some are thrown in, and some thrown out,
   And some thrown in the ditch:
Fox Hunt 195

    But a hunting we will go.

At length is strength to faintness worn,
Fox Hunt 336

   Poor Reynard ceases flight;
Then hungry, homeward we return,

Fox Hunt 317
   To feast away the night:

Fox Hunt 319
    Then a drinking we will go.

Henry Fielding’s 18th century "Hunting Song" (c.1745)

2 Witty Sentiments:

Sarah A said...

You seems to have had a great time - and your riding habit turned out lovely!

The Dreamstress said...

I don't love fox hunting, but I do love all the photos, and it looks like you had a fantastic time (and yes, I know you weren't really hunting a fox!)