Sunday, September 19, 2010

A…. Pirate Fest

Well Friends, I committed a crime against history and attended a, gulp…, Pirate Fest. Actually, it ended up being fun and we had a nice time with our fellow Le Bon Ton cronies. Our main goal was to pilfer well dressed and costumed folks for our society. We found a few in the King’s Navy and exchanged calling cards with them. We shall see if we have any newcomers at future events. Anyway, here are a few pictures from the day. I will warn you, Farb abounded and some where so bad they were “wanna be Farb.” Enjoy!

Pirate Fest 2010 019 Mrs. Cartwright fencing at the Academia Duellatoria

Pirate Fest 2010 028

de Valois family in their finest.

Pirate Fest 2010 024Lady Devereux in her new Redingote

Pirate Fest 2010 044

I always tend to make feathered friends. There was a bird rescue booth that had some amazing parrots. I fell in love with this little girl. She was a doll!Pirate Fest 2010 056

This big girl was rescued from a horrible situation nearly 6 months ago. She was found almost dead, but with lots of care and love she is thriving. She preferred men more than women and really loved Aaron.

Pirate Fest 2010 084

Pirate Fest 2010 180

Pirate Fest 2010 182

Pirate Fest 2010 211

Here we have another new friend. This little rat is called Pierre le Grande. I’m not usually a rodent person, but this little guy was sooo sweet and cuddly and soft. We all adored his little pirate hat and he had lots of cuddles and pets. Pirate Fest 2010 132

My handsome husband!

Pirate Fest 2010 249

Pirates firing off cannon. I have never heard anything so loud before. It was loud and you could feel the boom in you chest. I can’t imagine what the larger cannons sound and feel like.

6 Witty Sentiments:

Sarah A said...

The best way to teach is through example, so going to very non-PC events might be a good idea :)

And the rat was sooo cute in his hat ;)

Alisa said...

Ooh, you guys looked wonderful. I particularly adore your friend Mme de Valois' gigantic cap. Can you ask her from me if she has some advice how she made it (is it just a giant circle gathered up and decorated with a ribbon - and is it starched or how does it stay so gloriously poufy?)?

And welcome to the small elite circle of women with husbands who look good in costume. I most certainly agree with you here. ;-) I think we're very lucky - many costuming girls either don't have husbands or they have one who refuses to wear "such silly-looking stuff".

Throckmorton Jones said...

I think is a perfect way to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day! lol As usual, you guys looked lovely!

Sarah Jane said...

Depsite being a Farb Fest, it looks very fun! You all look fabulous and that picture of Aaron is really really good. Hopefully you gained a few new members for your group!

American Duchess said...

stunning redingotes and stunning open robes! Oh man, you guys have fun, I need to get up to Oregon...

The Dreamstress said...

Awww...everyone needs some non-serious historical fun every once in a while! And didn't we all start out doing stuff like this!

I love that you went to a pirate festival and all you got pictures of were birdies and beasties! That is exactly what I would do!

I love that picture of you with the white bird - it looks like a painting!