Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I know it doesn’t look like much, but here is the progress thus far. I made my cardboard mock-up, laced it up, and Aaron helped me mark the adjustment. The main thing I discovered, which I kind of already knew, is that my waist is really short. I can’t decide if  my new stays will be strapless. I know strapless stays are supposed to be more comfortable. However, I like the look of strapped stays.  Anyway, here are a couple of pictures of the not so pretty mock-up. God Bless!

JP Ryan Stays (8)

You can see the black lines indicating the changes I plan to make. I might also need to lower the bust-line a bit too.

JP Ryan Stays (9)


Here are the stays from Pirates of the Caribbean. I really like the look and shape. I think this is the overall idea that I’m going for.


Well, that’s all for now. Have a great rest of your week, everyone. Love Lauren!

5 Witty Sentiments:

gentlewomanthief said...

Ooh - pretties! That inspiration pair are lovely - I like the front detailing. Looking forward to seeing your progress!

Gloria said...

The mockup looks great so far! Once you get something you like in cardboard, I recommend doing a mockup in fabric with some bones before doing the real thing. I found that the fabric version will shrink relative to the cardboard if you do fully boned stays. On the otherhand, you can usually squish more into fabric stays as opposed to cardboard ones.

The straps thing is an argument I went through with myself too. They will hold your shoulders back more, which is good for upper-class garments, but man, they can get uncomfortable after wearing them for hours.

Rachel said...

I am so impressed! What an amazing project!

Isis' Wardrobe said...

They look like a very nice beginning.

I've done stays both with and without shoulder straps. Without is more ocmfortable, but I don't find it UNcomfortable to have them either. It does gives better lines to have them, I find that my bosom wants to "float out", without. :-)

Angela said...

I agree with Gloria - do a fabric mock-up. One more step but saves a lot of trouble when you cut in to your fashion fabric.

I like the straps but often the straps get visible if you gown necklines are not cut to match the same neckline curve. It is problem that all my 18th century buddies experience with strap corsets. But, the straps take the pressure off your hips.

Happy sewing.