Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ladies Night

Last night we had a blast at our friend, Connie’s, home. She holds a vintage Halloween party every year that consists of old fashioned games and yummy food. Her house is incredible and the way she had it decorated reminded me of the Disney Haunted House ride. It’s an old Victorian home that they are continually renovating. The house was GORGEOUS!!! I assure you, the pictures do not do it justice. It was a fun evening. As promised, here are the pictures…



The Dining Room


The Living Room with a view into the Parlor


Tara and Angel looking at vintage photos of the original owner


Tara, in her Regency Red Riding Hood costume, and Yours Truly :-)


The completed Open Robe on it’s Maiden Voyage :-)IMG_0014


Angel and Tara


Such Silliness

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Brooke said...

Looks like a fun evening! Your new gown looks absolutely lovely on you. I have been wanting to make this gown for years and just haven't gotten around to it. After seeing how great yours made I'm just going to have to make time for it in the new year.

Mrs. G said...

I agree, the gown looks great! What a fun idea your friend has to host this for you all. Her house looks *beautiful*!


Lauren R said...

absolutely GORGEOUS, all of you, and the house looks fantastic as well! Excellent job on the robe, it turned out wonderfully.

Theodosia Pixietwist said...

heehee, dont we look smashing! even with that goofy wig I'm wearing. Sink me, but I cant wait to start planning the Valentines Tea. Yes!

Sarah said...

Oh my, what a lovely place! It is beautiful!! And you all look wonderful and your new open robe is amazing! I love the color of it and you look simply perfect.

Are you wearing your new stays (with the gathered cups)? I want to make a new transitional set for early regency drawstring dresses (I have 2, but my current short stays don't fit well anymore) I love the shape they give, you look fantastic.

Lindsey said...

I love your open robe! It turned out beautifully! The color is just lovely.

Anonymous said...

That looks like so much fun! I love the way she decorated. Thanks for sharing!

Amy said...

So beautiful!! I love how it turned out……this is on my dreaming-to-sew list. You've really inspired me!! Unfortunately, I have a lot of other stuff that'll probably come first……lol
The color looks gorgeous on you!

Aylwen said...

I love your open robe! I'm so glad you documented it - I keep starting garments and then forget to document them to the finish. Green looks lovely on you, too :)