Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Janet Arnold Open Robe Part 2

Well, I’m slowly progressing on the robe. I had a few hours last night to work on it after work. Talk about pleating, pleating, and more pleating. Lots and lots of pleating. Did I mention there’s a lot of pleating involved?!! Anyway, here are the pictures with the descriptions of what is going on :-)

First, I cut the silk out. With the help of Moose Dog…

JApt2 (1)

As you can see, Max was holding the pattern in place for me. ;-)

Then I went to work pleating. Lots of pleating. It was a little different working on the silk than on the muslin mock up. The silk made nice creases, but it also is slippery.

JApt2 (4) JApt2 (12)

I decided not to mark the lines in pencil, instead I used pins to mark where the pleat lines were.

JApt2 (7)

JApt2 (14)

Almost finished pleating…JApt3 (2)

All done pleating. It looks a little crooked on a flat surface, but the pleats smooth out when its on the dress form.

*Note how the fabric color changes depending on the light. The top picture, with Max, is closest to its true color.

God Bless and have a great week :-)


Love Lauren

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Lauren R said...

Excellent! It looks exactly right. Are you going to tack all those pleatsin place or use another method? The tacking takes a lot of time too. In the original, they are tacked down to a non-pleated lining, which may be the best way to do it...

Lauren said...

I think I'm am going to tack them down. I haven't decided if I'm going to do a non pleated lining underneath. Thanks for the tip :-)

The Dreamstress said...

Max is beyond cute! And I think a non-pleated lining is a very good idea - and is completely historically accurate - that's just how they did robe a la francaises.

Isis said...

The original for my 1797's gown is pleated to a non-pleated lining, and that was how I did it. I actually used the lining as a template to get the pleats right, which I found to be both easy and quick and ended up very well-fitting.

I really look forward tosee more of this! And your doggie is so cute!

Porcinus Praeceptrix said...

Hello. I really like your blog. I have a soft spot for historical sewing and pigs. :)

Your dog Max is doing a good job of helping no patterns torn up or anything like that! Unlike my pig..... he tore up a pattern that I made but I had to redraft that one anyway. :)

So if you're curious about pigs in general then you can take a glance at my blog if you want to. :)

Keep it up! :)


Oregon Regency Society said...

Stephanie from the brand-new Georgia Regency Society linked you to her resources and links page... How cool is that? Yes, we have a new sister organization.