Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Christmas Party

We had our annual company Christmas party on Friday night, and, as usual, it was awesome! You see, I work for the coolest company who loves rewarding employees by throwing a very fancy bash with lots of cool goodies. For example, Aaron and I both came home with iPods. Mine is the touch (jumps up and down with huge goofy smile) and Aaron's is a Classic. We have been playing with them almost non stop now, tee hee. We also came home with gift cards, a comfy blanket, and a weird cooler thing, that we will probably use as a white elephant gift. All in all, it is the best bash of the year. Here is a slide show Aaron put together for Youtube. Enjoy and God Bless!

Here we are :-)

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An attempt at life... said...

that is so awesome! kindercare gives each center $50 for an employee christmas party. I love working for a company that doesnt care! LOL JK