Saturday, November 22, 2008

First Outing

Today was a very exciting day in the Marks household. Today was the first day we took Max in the car, with Leila, to go for a fun walk. We took them to my favorite spot, Powell Butte. It was gorgeous, cool, cloudy, but dry, and Max was so excited and happy. He did so well. Today is also the ceremonial removal of the "Doggy Therapy Pool." It served it's purpose well, but Moose dog is officially done with rehab. So now it's trying to get him back to normal. Here are some pics from our momentous day :-)

2 Witty Sentiments:

lissawi said...

He looks so happy to be out and about! I'm glad he's feeling better!

Sarah said...

He does look very happy! (and so does everyone else!) I'm so glad he's able to be out and about again!