Saturday, August 23, 2008

Parade Of Homes 2008

My company was privleged to provide the surface materials for another beautiful Parade of Homes home by Barton Brother's Construction. We also were invited to attend the opening VIP night to tour the homes before the general public. It was alot of fun to see all of the houses, but my favorite, and I'm not being biased, was definately the Barton House. Here are a few pictures of the interior. Enjoy and God Bless! (the pictures really don't do the house justice)


Master Bedroom/ Bathroom

Powder Bath

Guest Bed/ Bath 1

My Favorite Room (it was so beautiful and just a jewel box)

3 Witty Sentiments:

An attempt at life... said...

I love the kitchen!

Lauren Christine said...

Wow! Its so pretty! :)

Sarah said...

Wow Wow Wow. Imagine living in something that gorgeous!?! I think I'd have to wear historical outfits every day to "match" the elegant, mysterious feel of the home. . .or at least the feeling I gather from those beautiful pictures!