Wednesday, August 30, 2006

We Keep Our Skeletons in a Box!

Laaron (A Composite of Us! WAY SCARY!!!)

So Aaron's Dental School is in full swing now. He's rarely home and when he is home, he is locked away in his office studying. He has spent the last week dissecting the thorax, the chest area around the heart, of their cadaver who was lovingly dubbed Forest by my husband. Dear Forest, who is being explored by "Team Forest" is now missing his heart, lungs, most, if not all, of his ribs, and a few other essentials. They were removed from his body, tagged, and stored in plastic bags for safe keeping. This week, they are disecting the poor man's abdomen.

Another jolly item issued to D1's, the name given to first year dental students, is the bone box! Aaron came home with a large wooden box full of a skeleton. And yes, this is a real skeleton, well half of one. They give each student a head, spine, and the bones to half of the body. I think our specemin is the right side of the body, but I can't remember for sure. So, unlike some folks who prefer bones in closets, our skeletons are lovingly stored in a box in Aaron's study, AKA the land of Spare-Oom. Kinda sick ain't it!

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