Sunday, August 20, 2006


My husband, Aaron, starts dental school tomorrow. It's amazing it's finally here after years of planning and waiting. His school threw a "Getting to Know You" picknick this afternoon for all of the first year students. What a drag!

Basically Aaron and I tried to introduce ourselves and start conversations with other people only to find people just didn't want to talk to us. It was pretty pathetic. We sat with another couple who, like us, don't socialize or party hardy. We pretty much sat in silence staring at each other trying to find things to talk about.

In the end we left about an hour into the thing. It was pretty silly. Almost like highschool. Most of the students were from Oregon and some even knew each other. So they sectioned off into their own group. The older second and third year students formed another group, and then there were us few "out of state'rs" who were left to fend for ourselves.

We just came home from the joke of that meet and greet picnic and were lovingly greeted by our dogs and birds. You know, they're the only socializing I need. God has definately blessed us with our doggies! Those wagging tails and wet cold noses are always anxiously awaiting our return home!

Finally, and most importantly, God has given us each other. He has blessed us with the love of husband and wife. All we need is Jesus and each other. To the world we may seem "weird", but I'd rather have a great relationship with Jesus and my husband any day! God Bless!

Max and Leila (our babies)

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