Tuesday, November 05, 2013

The Wedding Gown

So, it is no secret in the reenacting world that a certain Ms. M married a certain Mr. R , of HMS Acasta fame, some weeks back. The project that has consumed most of my year was her ball gown for her wedding ball. Miss Waterman, aka Cousin Emily, allowed me to make her ball gown as a gift for my dear friend.  Now that the wedding has concluded and the official pictures have been released, I can finally show you what she and I created.IMG_0165


One of the main reasons we brought her to the fort was to begin the fittings for the gown. She wanted something from 1812/13, simple, and elegant.



A few months later we started to have a wedding gown taking shape.


The cotton lace trim is a reproduction from France.


Ms M did the trimming and final bits of the gown.

And the lovely Mrs. McCarty helped me with hemming the gown the night before the wedding.



The happy couple and the final result.

Maggie n Albert 10513 WEB (89 of 99)

These photo were taken by the lovely Lauren of American Duchess.

Maggie n Albert 10513 WEB (90 of 99) 

*Note: all pictures were posted with permission from the bride. Please do not repost.

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Lauren said...

Love this!!!

Kleidung um 1800 said...

Beautiful dress! I love the story behind it :)


Sopa Azul said...

Congratulations, absolutely wonderful! :D

Rachel said...

I have not checked in with the Lady of Portland House for quite some time. Seems as though things are quite well and very busy with you!
What lovely items you have created!

Donna said...

Beautiful garments! Lovely photos!

Laura Morrigan said...

That gown is exquisite! What wonderful work! I would love one like that! Must work on the dressmaking skills this year!

Unknown said...

Wow! You really did a great job, dear. Moreover, thanks a lot for sharing this tutorial with us.
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