Saturday, September 01, 2012

Removing from Portland House

Dear Friends,

    Many of you have already heard our news via Facebook, so this may be a repeat for some of you. Anyway, Aaron and I are moving to Monroe, Washington at the end of this month. God has provided an AMAZING dental practice for Aaron and we are buying it. We are so very excited, but also sad to leave our friends here in Portland.

We have also been blessed to find a home that fits our needs to a T. It’s a cabin on five acres with a three stall barn, for Bob. We are also going to be looking for a buddy for him, so I will keep you posted on that front as well. As for now, we are extremely busy with moving and packing and the joys of working through owning a business. So, I will be offline for quite some time. I may be able to update here and there with pics of the house and some news, but sewing will be on hold for a while.

Here’s to entering a new chapter in our lives! God Bless!

Love Lauren

2 Witty Sentiments:

Unknown said...

Praying for a smooth transition for you both.

Sarah said...

I am so very happy and excited for both you and Aaron as you pack up, as did Abraham, and follow God to "the land He will show you". I will be thinking and praying for you very often and will be looking forward to those little updates when you can find time to give them. Much love to you both!