Friday, November 11, 2011

What I’ve Been Doing…

Hello All,

   I hope you are well and enjoying the beautiful Fall weather! I’ve been a busy beaver, even though I am still not sewing. Instead, I have been filling my time with horses!!!

    My riding instructor has been letting me work with her 5 year old Appy-Thoroughbred named Bob.  Bob, is a special horse. He’s still young and has major baby brain. He also is a lazy, lazy boy and prefers to cuddle rather than work. This, of course, presents a huge problem, because when one wants him to work, he bucks and kicks to get out of it. This behavior comes from his last owner who let him get away with it. So, we have been doing lots of lunging and ground work to build his respect. Followed by riding him and continuing to enforce the respect. The results have been amazing! I’ve been working with Bob for a month and we have gone from a horse that wanted to kick me to this….

  Mom & Dad Coast 432

He is my buddy, follows me everywhere, does whatever I ask him and looooves his after ride cuddles!

Mom & Dad Coast 412

Mom & Dad Coast 415

I seriously loooove this horse. I go out to the barn almost everyday to work with him and he is doing soooo well! I’m so proud of his progress.

Mom & Dad Coast 452

2 Witty Sentiments:

Hungarican Chick said...

Aw! That's wonderful, Lauren.

Aaron and Amber said...

How fun! and how nice to have an indoor place to work! :) I am starting my Fjord mare this winter for driving and I will have to do it in the COLD :P