Thursday, July 28, 2011

Long Overdue Blogging Soon to Come…

Hi All,

    I know, I know, I have not been blogging, commenting, or reading blogs like I used to as of late. I do have some very good reasons. I have been sewing like crazy for our trip to the Fair at New Boston for the past several months. As a result I have been spending all of my extra computer time cranking out two full suits for our friend the Captain and a gown for his lovely wife. I just finished the last of the suits over the weekend, and I’m almost finished with Mrs. Cartwright’s gown. As soon as I am finished, I will have a long post with lots and lots of pictures :) In the mean time, I finally received a picture from Sir Michael in his new suit that I made for him earlier this year. Have a lovely day :)

Love Lauren


Sir Michael and his lovely Lady Devereaux

2 Witty Sentiments:

The Dreamstress said...

Ooooh! Gorgeous! And welcome back - you have been missed!

Cécile said...

You are right with not writing! (I should take your example and sew more instead of sitting infront of my computer!) I'm shure you employ your time much better :)