Monday, June 28, 2010

Laurelhurst Picnic

Dear Friends and Readers,

  I hope you all had a lovely Monday and are having a good week so far. Mine has been normal with nothing out of the ordinary. Aaron and I are still preparing to move and we signed the papers for the new house yesterday. Things are finally starting to feel more official.

Sunday afternoon we had an event planned at a local Rose Garden in Portland. Unbeknownst to us, there was a huge festival going on at the same time. So, after a last minute venue switcheroo, we ended up at a lovely park called Laurelhurst. The picnic ended up being perfect, despite the warmth of the afternoon, and a great time was had by all. Here are the pictures labeled with our Le Bon Ton persona names.

Laurelhurst Picnic 011

Lieutenant Colonel Etienne de Valois

Laurelhurst Picnic 015

Theodosia de Valois, Captain Edmund Cartwright,  and Lady Abigail Cartwright

Laurelhurst Picnic 038

Kay, Gui, and Lady Elizabeth Devereux

Laurelhurst Picnic 035

Captain Edmund and Lady Elizabeth Cartwright

Laurelhurst Picnic 037

Lord Thomas and Lady Elizabeth Sully, Fifth Baron of Portland

Laurelhurst Picnic 029

A Friendly Game of Petanque

Laurelhurst Picnic 014

The Whole Group

I love how the costumes continue to improve among our group. Our captain has finally received his uniform and I know have large wigged and hat wearing buddies :-) It’s wonderful!

Well, have a great evening and rest of your week. We are having a Fourth of July party this weekend. So I should have some more costumed pics for you soon. This party, however, is going to be 1940’s Dieselpunk. I’m really looking forward to it. God Bless!

Love Lauren

6 Witty Sentiments:

Carly said...

It looks like such a lovely event! Everyone looks fabulous and the spread is picture perfect! I'm also really loving your zone front. I need to work on my "hair of great enormity"... :)

FashionK said...

Hey Lauren! Looks fabulous!!! I have been meaning to ask you where you got Aaron's boots?....I need to get my man some this week!!! Thanks!

Lauren said...

Fashion K,

I know we got them online, but I don't remember which site it was. Sorry :-(

lissawi said...

Lovely all! Your costumes (and the whole group's) just keep getting better and better! I wish we had more time to play with you all...maybe in a few years when the kiddos are a bit older.

Sarah said...

Looks like a beautiful location for an event and you all look wonderful. I am sorry your other location did not work out, but this looks like a great alternative, and I love the name "Laurelhurst". :)

The Dreamstress said...

You all look so, so amazing! I can't believe how good they all are!