Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas, a day late…

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Day. We had a quiet day at home, just us, birdie boy, and the pups. I decided, after reading your lovely comments, that I was going to dress up in costume for the day and enjoy myself. Aaron didn’t dress up for the entire day, but he did join me in costume for dinner. After dark, we went for a stroll with the pups. It was lovely. Here are the pictures. God Bless and thank you Jesus for sending your son to save us.

IMG_0003 Cooking over “Ye Old 18th Century Stove”


My feathery helper.


My furry helpers. They made sure that the floor stayed crumb free.


Cranberry Walnut Tart.

It was an interesting challenge learning how to cook again. Since I found out about my allergies. I think I finally have it pretty well figured out. This tart is dairy, gluten, wheat, and egg free and it was very tasty.


Pear Upside-Down Cake


Our Feast. We had roast lamb, maple carrots, caramelized butternut squash, Brussels sprouts, Yorkshire pudding, cornbread dressing, cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes. It was yummy.


Here we are. We decided to dress more casually, no frock coat for Aaron and I’m wearing a day dress, since we had a quiet dinner at home.


A Christmas smooch…


An after dinner game of two-player Whist and a little brandy.


Merry Christmas… God Bless and Have a Wonderful New Year!

15 Witty Sentiments:

Historical Ken said...

Miss Lauren -
These are wonderful photos! Very traditional-looking.
We sometimes dress in period clothing some Christmas's, while others we stay more contemporary.
This year was a modern year - - perhaps next year we'll do the period thing.
Maybe we can get all of the blogger friends to dress period next year and each share our photos on our blogs!
Anyhow, I hope all go well in the coming new year!
God Bless!

Hungarican Chick said...

How sweet are the two of you? Aw. ::hugs for Christmas:: The season isn't over until January sixth, so you are well in the season and not a day late. ;)

Mrs. G said...

Lauren and Aaron, Happy Christmas wishes to the both of you! Have I mentioned that I *love* your bird, lol, it is so adorable! You two look very handsome and festive and I'm glad that you had a quiet, peaceful holiday together. Best wishes in the coming year.
Paris & family

Lindsey said...

What a lovely idea! This would be a great special date night idea - to dress in period costume for a candlelit dinner. :) Love your costumes!

The Dreamstress said...

Merry Christmas! You two are the epitome of adorable, and it looks like you had a wonderful day!

Hook House said...

Love this. We might do this next year. Just like Little House! :o)

Theodosia Pixietwist said...

aw, super cute! Thanks for sharing the pix

Duchess of Hardgrove said...

beautiful, peaceful, fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Aww, how sweet! Great choice on the costumes - you both look fab. Glad you had a lovely day and hope you enjoy the rest of the season!

Angela said...

M'lady of Portland house - what a wonderful day you had. You are truely blessed.

I found your blog through American Duchess, so I hope to follow you in 2010. Cheers and best wishes.

Lauren said...

I love how wonderful your Christmas together looks! How fun to do it in costume, and what a romantic dinner! That food looks SO yummy- I want to gobble up that tart :)

Charlotte said...

Oh! You two look lovely :D

Sarah said...

How sweet and romantic and utterly old fashioned. I love it. The pictures are beautiful and I love your kitchen helper. :) Everything looks like it was wonderful!

Me said...


I love the picture of you and your honey at the dinner table holding hands. It looks so authentic. :)

Sanna K said...

Oh, wow, you had such a lovely Christmas! I envy your happiness... :)