Friday, April 17, 2009

Portland Tea Party...

Hello my friends and readers. I hope your week has been wonderful :-)
Aaron and I had a wonderful opportunity to be part of a little piece of history. As many of you know, there were Tea Parties protesting the Governments wasteful spending popping up all over the country. Our neck of the woods was no different. We decided to join in and excercise our right to peaceful protest. I have never ever been part of a protest before and many of the thousands of people who joined us had never protested before either. Afterall, how many conservative protests have you heard of? Anywhoo, it was awesome and awe inspiring. My favorite part was when they read speaches from our forefathers, like Thomas Jefferson. Their words still ring true today. I loved being around like minded people who felt the same way as we do. It was a true piece of history. Here are some pictures of the event. God Bless!!! Love Lauren

Aaron, our friend, Rich, and me (Yes, I occasionally wear modern clothes.)

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Zebu said...

Wonderful Lauren!

Ah, Portland, a great city indeed! DD and family are most likely going to visit family there this summer. They used to live there just a couple of years ago. I sure hope they don't move back and take my babies... :/

I just heard of these TEA parties yesterday via a blog. Nothing may change, but if we don't do ANYTHING, NOTHING will change!

P.S. Glad you posted the comment about modern clothes--don't know that I would have recognized you! ;)

Sarah Jane said...

I wish we had been able to participate in something like this! There was nothing close by enough so we could drive there. (Did I just horrible grammatically botch up that sentence?:) ) That patriotic guitar is awesome in the last picture. Thank God we still have the right to voice our opinions.

Amy said...

Hi Lauren,

We had one in our hometown, too, but unfortunately we heard info about it way too late and weren't able to go. :( But one of our friends went and said it was pretty amazing. I'm thrilled to see that there really are quite A LOT of like-minded people out there, and that we're not this unheard minority out here doing nothing. It sure was historic - and I'm sad to have missed it - but thank you very much for posting about it.


Zebu said...

It's been a few days since i read the post and need a refresher, if you don't mind. what good does haveing a tea paryt, at this place in time in America, proove to anyone. I'm anxious to hear the platform and your thoughts! Thanks!