Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bad Blogger Lady :-(

Yes, I know, I have been the no update Lady for too long. So here is my little update :-)

Aaron, as you saw from my previous post, has made it half-way through school. It sounds soooo surreal! I remember when me moved here and thought dental school would never, ever, ever end (bit of an exaggeration there). Now, it feels like the someone finally turned the light on at the end of the tunnel and we can see the little speck slowly getting brighter. God is so good!

This now brings to mind our living situation. Where does God want us? It's becoming more and more clear that we want to stay here in Portland, but time will tell. We are also starting to talk about housing, jobs, future practice for Aaron, and our adoption. So much has come out this year, it's like we're adults :-P It's so amazing how life works. Five years ago I would have never dreamed I would be here with my hubby making life changing decisions. I look back on the past and think hos awesome God is and how He has brought me and Aaron through everything. I know He will continue to lead us where He wants us.

Right now, I mainly need patience. I want everything to happen too quickly; I've always been that way. I pray that God will help me in that area, just give me patience. I hope everyone in blogger land is well! God Bless~


The above picture is from my parents' trip. It's the interior of an old pioneer church, I'm not sure where the church lives. God Bless!

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Liesl said...

Wow, I felt like I was reading my own thoughts as I read this post. We, too, are at the halfway post of my husbands school and at times it seems SO far away, yet the light is definitely showing at the end of the tunnel. I will pray for patience (for both of us) :) and contentment as we wait for God to reveal the next step in our adventures with our husbands.
God bless you!

Sarah Jane Meister said...

I too will be praying for your peace about where to live (Portland is lovely!) and for patience as you wait for Aaron to finish school to being your adoption process. What an exciting time you have ahead of you! God Bless!

Lauren Christine said...

May the Lord bring you peace about His timing! I know school can seem never ending (my brother just finished medical school) but in the end it will be worth it :) Many blessings-