Sunday, August 26, 2007

More Giconi

Here is a video of the baby to share with you all! He just had his bath, so he's a bit scraggly :-)

And now for the update! Gico is becoming more and more comfortable everyday and he is learning so many new things. His latest accomplishment is learning association noises. For example, when I give him a kiss he makes a kissing noise. When we come home or get ready to leave he imitates the sound of the door squeeking. He's still trying to talk with little success and he makes the custest chirping noises when he's sleepy. He is also becoming extremely protective of me; a trait we're trying to break him of. He doesn't understand that my makeup brushes aren't attacking me and so he charges after them. It's pretty funny, but I don't want to encourage aggressive behavior. We are also working on his clingyness. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm very flattered that he's bonding so closly to me. However, he is getting to a point of being too clingly. So we are working with "velcro bird", as I call him, on staying on play pen and playing while I'm in the room. He's doing better, but he still wants to be on me whenever possible. Most of all he's a sweet and smart little boy!

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